This workshop is designed for kids who want a creative approach in gaining experience learning how to play in a group setting. We cover different aspects of playing in a band including jamming and improvisation techniques, songwriting, and  picking covers. Participants are all encouraged and guided to finding their place in the band and to play a pivotal role while interacting with others. Drummers and bass players are taught how to hold down a steady beat and all musicians will be guided on listening to others to have the instruments blend together. We also discuss important elements in how to build a foundation for a successful band. This workshop will be taught by Patrick Zelinski who has been teaching music since 2003 and has played in several touring bands including his most recent project Arcadian Suns.


This workshop gives an overview and insight in to the different types of guitar effects and how they alter your sound. The following will be explored:

  • How to build your own pedal board and the importance of placing your pedals in the proper order.

  • Comparison of analog and digital effects and an overview of the advantages and differences of both

  • Instruction on pairing your pedals with the proper amp/speaker and guitar combination with examples of various pedals being played through different types of amps

  • Instruction on when to use different effects and examples of how to play in to the sound of the pedal

  • Overview of different types of effects and explanation of how they are altering your sound

We also help people on a one on one basis with setting them up with the proper gear for their sound and helping them wire and set up their own pedal board.


This workshop gives you an overview on how to start recording on your own. Each participant will be given insight on what type of equipment they need to get started within their price range. The following will be taught in this workshop:

  • Introduction to Pro Tools including tips on recording, editing, mixing and loading plugins

  • Overview of different types of microphones and what applications each one is used for

  • Instruction on mixing tools including Compressors, EQ, Limiters, and using different types of effects

  • How to get the best results for recording vocals, drums and acoustic/electric instruments

  • Tips on getting bad sounding rooms sound good on various budgets

We also offer one on one instruction on helping people set up a recording space and offering professional guidance on how to get started on any budget. We also offer one on one lessons on recording with Pro Tools.

Applied Music Theory/Jamming and Composition

In this workshop we look at the theory behind how scales and chords work together and then apply them to songwriting and jamming. In a classical curriculum you are taught to play scales but never how to use them and have them help you find your own musical voice. In this workshop we look at the following:

  • Introduction to different types of scales and how to use them for creating applied melody

  • Introduction to different keys of music and what chords can be used within each key

  • Chord substitutions to help add colour to your chord progressions

  • How to play triads, and chord inversions and use them for accompaniment as well as melody

  • Taking what we learn and applying it to different genres of music

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