At Active Light Productions we specialize in composing and recording parts, sounds, and textures for musicians all over the World. We are meticulous about sound and put our passion in to being creative and innovative on every project we track for.

Acoustic Guitar

We cover a vast array of acoustic guitar styles and genres. Our session musicians are proficient in any rhythmic style as well as in different types of fingerpicking. We also cover other acoustic instruments including classical guitar, ukelele, mandolin, baritone, and 12 string guitar.

Dobro/Slide Guitar

We can play various styles of electric slide and dobro. We have both a dobro with a Les Paul pickup and a National Reso rocket. Our work ranges from vintage slide playing to more atmospheric slide textures. 

Moog/Mellotron/Fender Rhodes

These are three of the most iconic keys sounds heard on recordings in the past fifty years. Adding low end and texture with a Moog synthesizer will make any recording sound better. The Mellotron is excellent at adding lush string sounds or arrangements to a song. There is also nothing like a real Fender Rhodes being recorded in a studio.


The ultimate soundmaking tool. We can create all kinds of sounds, textures, and customized electronic beats. These machines are awesome for film scores and electronic music. We also have a Digitakt Elektron that can create custom samples and sequences for songs.


We have a vintage Ludwig vibraphone as well as a set of Ludwig orchestral bells. Adding percussion is excellent for putting final touches on a recording.

String Arrangements

We use Sibelius to write full string arrangements for any song. We can also provide orchestration so string session players would have an easy time with understanding how to properly perform their parts.